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JBL GTO-3EZ three-channel system amplifier with 1370-watt

JBL GTO-3EZ three-channel system amplifier with 1370-watt

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  • Model: JBL GTO-3EZ
  • Manufactured by: JBL


A complete, flexible system amplifier in one chassis.

A small-footprint, three-channel system amplifier with 1370-watt max power output, flexible channel configuration and easy setup
  • A complete 1370-watt (max) system amplifier
  • Easy setup and adjustment of input gain
  • Wired or auto-sensing remote turn-on


The JBL® GTO-3EZ car audio amplifier provides unmatched ease of installation, configuration and calibration for clean, powerful sound. It connects to OEM or aftermarket systems without complicated adapters or setup routines. Use line-level (RCA) signals or speaker-level signals with RCA-to-bare-wire adapters – everything you’ll need is included in the box. Experience the clean and powerful output of GTO Series amplifiers in a variety of channel configurations and power ratings, all of which are CEA®-2006A compliant and backed by the JBL reputation for top quality.

A complete 1370-watt (max) system amplifier

A system amplifier features multiple channels configured into a single chassis that can power an entire system. The GTO-3EZ system amplifier is a three-channel, 2x50 watts + 1x500 watts RMS configuration (1370 watts max). High-efficiency Class D amplification in the subwoofer channels ensures maximum output for the low end, while variable active crossovers (40Hz – 280Hz low-pass and 40Hz – 220Hz high-pass) and variable bass boost ensure the right integration, no matter what speakers you connect.

Easy setup and adjustment of input gain

The GTO-3EZ system amplifier includes an input-level switch, a setup CD with test signals and LED indicators to tell you when the setting is correct. Simply set the switch, turn the input-level knob and watch for the green light that indicates that the setup is perfect. That’s all there is to it. There’s a reason why the amplifier’s model number contains EZ. This feature significantly reduces installation time and delivers excellent results.

Wired or auto-sensing remote turn-on

JBL engineers have configured the GTO-3EZ system amplifier to turn on with a wired input (as in aftermarket systems) or with an auto-sensing circuit that activates whenever the amp detects an audio signal. The auto-sensing feature is helpful when you’re upgrading OEM audio systems that don’t include a remote trigger wire. It’s easily defeated by a switch when you’re using a wired remote turn-on input

Input signal up to 15V (line-level or speaker-level)

The GTO-3EZ system amplifier accepts a wide range of inputs up to 15 volts with line-level or speaker-level signals. Using RCA-to-bare-wire adapters included with the amplifier, you can connect to virtually any OEM or aftermarket audio system. The end result is an amplifier that works with the widest range of cars on the road.

Built-in, variable active crossovers

Active 12-decibel/octave crossovers offer variable high-pass filter points between 40Hz and 220Hz on the full-range channels and variable low-pass filter points between 40Hz and 280Hz on the subwoofer channel. Importantly, all filter points on the adjustment dial match the silkscreened frequency points on the amplifier chassis – a feature that not all amps provide.

Built-in, variable bass boost

The GTO-3EZ system amplifier provides a range of bass boost from 0 decibels to +12 decibels, centered at 45Hz. This is a useful feature for restoring some bass that may be limited by the low-frequency response of certain speakers in the system – or to enhance a particular range of bass that the speakers already produce well.

Bridgeable channel pairs (on full-range channels)

You can bridge pairs of the GTO-3EZ system amplifier’s main channels into a single, more powerful channel. This setup is useful for flexible audio system designs in a growing system or for full-range speakers in a system that needs more power.

High-efficiency Class D operation (on subwoofer channel)

The high-efficiency, low-current and low-heat performance of Class D amplification ensures high power output from the GTO-3EZ’s subwoofer channel. It also minimizes any need for upgrades to your vehicle’s electrical system.

Automatic thermal and low-impedance protection

Amplifier protection is just like insurance; you hope you’ll never need it, but it’s nice to have when you do. Thermal protection keeps the GTO-3EZ system amplifier from overworking itself to the point of premature failure. Low-impedance protection keeps the amplifier safe from any speaker or wiring failures that result in short circuits.

Compatible with wired remote bass control (sold separately)

The GTO-3EZ amplifier is compatible with the optional wired remote bass control, which provides easy adjustment of subwoofer-channel bass levels from the front seat. The wired remote is easy to connect with a telephone-style jack and can be mounted in a variety of positions to suit the vehicle and location preferences.

General Specifications

SeriesGrand Touring

Audio Specifications

Peak Power1370W
Signal-to-Noise Ratio>85dB
Frequency Response20Hz-23kHz front and rear channels; 10Hz-280Hz sub channel
Maximum Current Draw65A
Number of Channels/Type1+2 Channels
2-Ohm Power Output75W RMS x 2 channels at 2 ohms + 500W RMS x 1 channel at 2 ohms, 14.4V DC, < 1.0% THD
4-Ohm Power Output50W RMS x 2 channels at 4 ohms + 350W RMS x 1 channel at 4 ohms, 14.4V DC, < 1.0% THD


Depth (in)11-5/16
Depth (mm)302
Height (in)2-9/16
Height (mm)66
Weight (kg)4.1
Weight (lb)9
Width (in)9-11/16
Width (mm)246