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Sounds Limited - Pioneer and Sony Car Radio Harness

Pioneer and Sony
Car Radio Harness


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Sounds Limited - car radio antenna adapter

Car Radio Antenna Adapter

Available for all Vehicles...

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Image result for car radio antenna adapter
Image result for car radio antenna adapter
Image result for car radio antenna adapter
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Image result for car radio fakra antenna adapter
Image result for car radio fakra antenna adapter

R199.00 R130.00Save: 35% off
Scosche VW 2317B

VW2317B Suitable for 2006 UP VW JETTA / PASSAT / GOLFiv DIN + DDIN KIT

Available for Single Din Radio or Double Din

R495.00 R350.00Save: 29% off
Starsound SSW-12P-6500D4 - Spectrum Series 12" Subwoofer




Spectrum Series

12" Subwoofer


• Sandblasted metal basket
• Non-pressed paper cone
• Foam edging
• High energy strontium magnet
• Dual voice coil
• SPL – 86.2dB
• Impedence – dual 4 ohm

R850.00 R750.00Save: 12% off
Starsound SSA-EQ-5200UB - 4 Band Parametric Pre-Amp


SSA-EQ-5200UB -

4 Band Parametric Pre-Amp

R499.99 R395.00Save: 21% off
JVC CS-ZX530 - 5" Speakers





5-1/4" 3-Way Coaxial Speakers with 300 Watts Peak Power Handling

  • 3-Way Coaxial
  • 300W Peak/40W RMS Power
  • Frequency Response: 40 - 25,000Hz
  • Sound Pressure Level: 88dB/W.m
  • Crossover Frequency: TBA
  • 3-Way Coaxial
  • 300W Peak/40W RMS Power
  • Frequency Response: 40 - 25,000Hz
  • Sound Pressure Level: 88dB/W.m
  • Crossover Frequency: TBA
  • Carbon Mica 3D Cone Woofer
  • 52mm (2-1/16'') Poly-Ether Imide Cone Midrange
  • Poly-Ether Imide Dome Tweeter
  • Ferrite Magnet (Woofer/Midrange)
  • Single Roll Rubber Surround
  • Mounting Depth: 44mm (1-3/4")

R699.00 R599.00Save: 14% off
PowerBass 4ch 3200w High power Mosfet Amplifier

8he amplifier has been designed using the latest electronic technology
available, allowing you to produce high quality stereo reproduction in mobile applications. This system provides you with low harmonic distortion, a huge considerable amount of reserve voltage and high temperature stability.

low and high input connections
speaker output connections
level controls
4/3/2 channel modes

RMS power output @ 4 ohms 140w x 4
                                 @ 2 ohms 280w x 4
Bridged                    @ 4 ohms 560w x 2
Frequency response 10hz - 50khz
Input sensitivity 0.2 - 6.0v
Signal to noise ratio >90db
THD & Noise <0.05%
Low pass cross frequency 60hz - 200hz
High pass cross frequency 15hz - 250hz
Subsonic Filter
Bass EQ 0 - 18db @ 45hz
Speaker impedance 2 - 16 ohm
Fuse size 2 x 25a
Dimensions (l x h x w)mm 320 x 52 x 258 

R1,100.00 R999.00Save: 9% off
Sony XS-NW1200 - 12" 1800W Subwoofer 4ohm



30cm In Car Subwoofer






  • Pentagon Diaphragm for less distortion
  • Dimpled Cone for higher SPL
  • Surround with stroke stabilizer
  • MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)
Woofer Size 12", 30cm
Type SVC Subwoofer
Peak Power (W) 1800W
Rated Input Power (W) 300W
Impedance (ohm) 4 ohm
Magnet Rubber
Edge Ferrite
Weight (kg) 4kg

R750.00 R650.00Save: 13% off
Rislone 44650 - Power Steering Repair


44650 -

Power Steering Repair

  • Restores Performance
  • Reduces Noise & Smoothes Out Hard Steering
  • Stops Leaks and Reconditions Rack & Pinion
  • Adds Protection

Your trusty car has been with you a long time. It has safely gotten you where you need to be all these years. As vehicles age and gain more miles, however, the power steering fluid loses its strength and can’t do its job alone. This is when Rislone Power Steering Repair comes into play.

Internally, pumps whine, gears have play in them, valves stick, seals leak and the fluid quickly breaks down. Once installed, Rislone Power Steering Repair helps to stop and prevent these problems and enhances the useful life of your power steering system, and in turn extends the life of your car.

We know you don’t have time to take your car into the shop. That’s why we created our products to be the fastest, safest way to get your show back on the road. Simply follow the instructions on the bottle and give that power steering system the boost it needs to keep you and your car going.

Part Number: 44650
Dosage: One bottle treats 2 to 3 litres of power steering fluid.
Size: 500 mL

R290.86 R255.00Save: 12% off
Rislone 44701 - Fuel Injection Cleaner


44701 -

Fuel Injection Cleaner

  • Maximizes Power and Mileage
  • Contains Upper Cylinder Lubricant
  • Cleans Fuel Injectors
  • Use on Petrol and Diesel Engines

Don’t you wish there was a drink you could have once a week that would clean your system and give you the power and energy to get through your busy life? Your car wishes this too. That’s why we created the Rislone Fuel Injector Cleaner — the best all-around fuel additive to use with every tank of fuel. From the outset, we engineered it to be far better than your average fuel additive. And we succeeded.

This complete fuel system tune-up helps eliminate noisy injectors and fuel pumps, rough idle, hard starting and hesitation. Its high performance additives increase power, performance, mileage and help save petrol by cleaning and lubricating fuel injectors. You can use this product with all petrol, ULSD diesel, and Flex-Fuel engines as well as all unleaded, oxygenated, reformulated and biofuels.

Simply pick up a bottle, follow our easy installation process and give your car the boost it needs. You’ll be impressed by the results. Remember, your car is what it eats. Make it Rislone.

Part Number: 44701
Dosage: One bottle is concentrated to treat up to 76 L of petrol or diesel fuel. For small engines, use ¼ bottle for every 19 L.
Size: 177 mL

R106.69 R95.00Save: 11% off

BMC WASHING KIT WA 250-500 Complete Kit: OIL 250 ml CLEANER 500 ml WA OIL-250 OIL 250 ml WA DET-500 CLEANER 500 ml The BMC air filter is washable; we advise you to clean it every 25.000 kilometers to mantain the performance

R299.99 R250.00Save: 17% off
BMC Twin Air Filter TW100-200P


BMC Twin Air Filter TW100-200P

Universal Air Filter 100mm Flange Ø, 200mm long

R899.00 R799.00Save: 11% off
BMC Air Filter No. FB279/01



BMC Air Filter No. FB279/01

FILTER A4 (2001 -)



R1,099.00 R899.00Save: 18% off
BMC Air Filter No. FB558/08



BMC Air Filter No. FB558/08


R1,399.00 R1,199.00Save: 14% off



The CDE-195BT combines all the cool new features and functions such as Alpine TuneIt App compatibility for iPhone and Android based phones, allowing full sound tuning and sharing via your phone, as well as new Facebook message alerts.

It’s Steering Wheel Remote Control Ready for a perfect install in almost any vehicle. If your car is equipped with a start-stop engine, this Head Unit is even more interesting for you, since it will keep playing when your engine stops at a crossroad.

It also features a 3-way crossover and you can even adjust the button and display illumination colour separately with a stunning 150.000 colour variations.



  • Memory Presets: Preset Stations (FM:18, MW:6, LW:6)
  • Memory: Auto Memory
  • Seek Mode: Local/DX Selection


  • RDS Functions: TA, TP, AF,CT, PTY, EON, Radio Text+
  • PTY (Programme Type) Display:


  • Built-in BLUETOOTH® Module
  • Hands Free Calling: HFP (Hands Free Profile)
  • Streaming Music: A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) Compatible
  • Streaming Music Control: AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile) Ver.1.4 Compatible
  • BT Plus Advanced BLUETOOTH Technology
  • Connection: SSP (Secure Simple Pairing) Supported
  • Phone Book: Phone Book Synchronization
  • Phone Book Search: 3 Letters Alphabet Search
  • Shortcut Dialling: 6 Presets Memory
  • Phone Registration: up to 5 Phones can be registered
  • Multiple Phone Number Registration: 5 Phone Number Registration Possibility
  • Phone Book Label Display: Telephone Type Display (General, Mobile, Home, Office, Other)
  • Voice Dial Operation: Voice Control for iPhone Supported
  • Auto Answer
  • Call Waiting
  • Call History Display: Phone Book Call/Dialled call/Received call/Missed call
  • Speech Volume Level Adjustment: Adjustable for Outgoing and Incoming Volume
  • Hands-Free Phone Sound Setting: 5 Type Selection
  • Signal Strength Indicator
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Output Speaker Selection
  • Menu Language Selection: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian
  • Firmware Updatable
  • Microphone Included

Made for iPod® / iPhone®

  • Compatibility for iPod/iPhone: Made for iPod touch 5G/4G/3G/2G/1G, iPod nano 7G/6G/5G/4G/3G, iPod classic 160GB/120GB/80GB, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPhone
  • Connection: KCU-445i Required (for iPods / iPhones with 30-pin connector)
  • Available Selections: Playlist, Artist, Album, Song, Podcast, Genre, Composer, Audiobook, Genius Mix
  • Alphabet Search
  • Percentage Search
  • App Direct Mode
  • Direct Up/Down: Playlist, Artist, Album, Genre, Composer, Episode Up/Down
  • M.I.X. (Shuffle) Play: Song, Album, All
  • Repeat one
  • Battery Charging
  • iPhone: Automatic initial Bluetooth setup via USB

Alpine TuneIt App

  • Alpine TuneIt App Ready with iPhone and Android
  • Sound Setting Function
  • Sound Setting Data Upload to Alpine Cloud Server (Data Sharing)
  • Facebook Notification
  • Compatible for iPhone and Android Smartphones: Available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Disc Player

  • Disc Type: CD Player
  • Disc Playback Type: CD, CD-R/RW
  • Music Playback: CDDA, MP3, WMA, AAC Playback
  • M.I.X. Random Play: Track/Folder, All
  • Repeat
  • Playback Control: Play/Pause/Forward/Backward
  • CD Text Display: Disc/ Track display
  • CD Text Name Search
  • Percentage Search
  • DAC: 24 bit DAC
  • Zero data Mute
  • Digital Servo

USB Media Connection

  • Front USB Connection
  • Music Playback: MP3, WMA, AAC File Playback
  • USB Class: Mass Storage Class
  • File/Folder Name Search
  • Folder Up/Down
  • M.I.X. Random Play: Folder, All
  • Repeat

Sound Tuning

  • Subwoofer Level Adjustment
  • Bass Engine
  • Subwoofer Phase Select: 0°/ 180°
  • Subwoofer System Select
  • Default Equalizer setup
  • Equalizer: Flat, Pops, Rock, News, Jazz, Electrical Dance, Hip Hop, Easy Listening, Country and Classical
  • 9-band Parametric Equalizer
  • Digital Time Correction
  • Digital Crossover Setting: 2Way / 3Way System
  • Application Volume Level Setting
  • MediaXpander
  • Power IC Management System
  • Alpine TuneIt App ready


  • Power Output: 4 x 50W High Power Amplifier with Advanced Power IC  
  • Display: 14 Segments RGB LCD Display, 2 Lines
  • Control Type: Rotary Encoder Knob
  • Face Color: Black
  • Illumination Buttons: Variable RGB Illumination Buttons
  • Display Colour Setting: Variable RGB Color Display
  • Display and button illumination independently selectable
  • High Grade Audiophile Design
  • 3 PreOuts (2V, Front + Rear + Subwoofer)
  • DAC: 24-bit DAC
  • AUX-In: Front AUX Input (3.5mm mini jack)
  • Steering Wheel Remote Control Ready: Direct connection
  • Mute: -20dB Mute (Remote control only)
  • Remote Control Ready
  • Menu Language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian
  • Clock
  • Firmware Updatable: via USB
  • Detachable DIN Trim Plate
  • Detachable Face Plate
  • Dimmer
  • Power Antenna Lead
  • Remote Turn-On
  • Start-Stop Engine unaffected
  • Voice Control (SIRI activation)

Variable Illumination Gives You a World of Colour

With Variable Illumination, you’re no longer limited to a choice of just a few colours. You can actually browse through a range of more than 150,000 colours to select exactly the tone to match or complement your dashboard illumination. Many preset colours are also available. Display and button illumination are independently selectable. You can choose to match your car manufacturers style, e.g. VW red buttons and a blue display.

3-way X-OVER

This unit is equipped with an active crossover. The crossover limits the frequencies delivered to the outputs. Each channel is controlled independently. Thus, each speaker pair can be driven by the frequencies for which they have been optimally designed.
The crossover adjusts the HPF (high pass filter) or LPF (low pass filter) of each band, and also the slope (how fast the filter rolls off the highs or lows). Adjustments should be made according to the reproduction characteristics of the speakers. Depending on the speakers, a passive network may not be necessary. If you are unsure about this point, please consult your authorized Alpine dealer.

Tune Your Sound, Check Your Facebook

Download the Alpine TuneIt App, then connect your iPhone via USB or Android based smartphone via Bluetooth. Now you’re ready to use your phone as a handy interface to achieve exactly the sound you want in your car. If you’re on Facebook, the app will also notify you of new messages on both your phone and the head unit. For more details, see the Alpine TuneIt App description in the Apps product category.


The BASS button next to the central control knob takes you directly to the advanced bass level adjustment function. As you choose one of the six levels, it automatically adjusts frequency cut-off, Q factor and subwoofer level for optimum sound quality and tonal balance.

Built-in Bluetooth® Has Many Advantages

Bluetooth® comes built in, so you can enjoy hands-free phone operation and a wide range of convenient functions for superior in-car phone use. These include the ability to hold and switch incoming calls, phonebook functions like auto updating and easy ABC search, and easier control of music search and playback functions. When an iPhone is connected to the USB port for the first time, the unit will automatically start the inital Bluetooth setup.

Hear the Music You Love, from Many Different Apps!

Alpine takes head unit/iPhone integration a step further with App Direct. Connect your iPhone via USB and App Direct will let you listen to sound from many apps through your system speakers. Select music or talk from Internet Radio, streaming services, whatever your favourite apps are. You get full control from the iPhone’s touch screen and the iPhone stays fully operational.

Full Enjoyment of iPods and iPhones

The CDE-195BT provides a high speed USB connection to let you enjoy the functions of your iPod or iPhone. Along with superior sound quality and easy operation, you also get quick music search via song, artist, album, and other choices.

Siri Voice Control

Use the voice control key to activate Siri on your iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 / iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to control the music playback and place calls. This works also for Android phones with voice control function.

R3,499.00 R2,899.00Save: 17% off
STP iSilver - Sound Deadening - BULK PACK OF 10 SHEETS

Vibration Absorber

Our traditional very popular STP iSilver upgraded with anti-rust additives to ensure that chassis does not rust. This is a very flexible waterproof material which adheres to complex surfaces tightly, providing highest vibration damping for material of this kind.

A multi-layered vibration damping material with aluminum foil outer surface, polymer layer on butyl rubber base and a self-adhesive glue layer. 1500 hours of testing under the salt fog show no detectable corrosion centers.

Suitable for:
Doors, Roof, Boot lid, Bonnet lid, Firewall.

STP iSilver Antirust Bulk Pack – 1 sheet * 0.75m * 0.50m 


R1,800.00 R1,399.99Save: 22% off
MTX iWs80 - In Wall/In Ceiling 8" Speaker




Specifications :

  • RMS Power : 60W
  • Max Power : 180W
  • Impedance : 8Ω
  • Frequency response : 37Hz - 25kHz
  • Sensitivity : 90,5 dB/2,83v/1m
  • Woofer diameter : 20cm
  • Mounting depth : 101mm

Features :

  • Hifi sound quality
  • High power handling with bass extension
  • Magnet mounted ultra thin square grill that is easy to adjust
  • 25mm Silk dome tweeter swivel mounted
  • Mid/woofer with waterproof paper cone and rubber surround
  • Designed to be used with the MTX iWa250 In-Wall amplifier

Description :

Hifi sound quality and flawless design asthetics combined in one package. The MTX iWs65 and iWs80 in-wall speakers are the new standard in quality and sound for in-wall speakers. The square ultra thin borderless grill is every interior designers dream come true. And with the magnetic mounting the grill can be easily adjusted.

R2,499.00 R2,299.99Save: 8% off
Starsound Monster 12" Competition Subwoofer




Competition Subwoofer

R2,750.00 R2,250.00Save: 18% off
JVC CS-JS600 - 6" SPLITS 300W



J Series Speakers


Product Description

16cm (6-1/2'') 2-Way Component Speakers

Product Highlight

  • 2-Way Component
  • 300W Peak/30W RMS Power
  • Frequency Response: 35 - 22,000Hz
  • Sound Pressure Level: 92dB/W.m
  • Mica Cone Woofer
  • Poly-Ether Imide Separate Tweeter
  • Ferrite Magnet (Woofer)
  • Neodymium Magnet (Tweeter)
  • Hybrid Surround
  • In-Line Network
  • Mounting Depth: 43 mm (1-23/32'')
  • *1 Tentative values will be finalized when measured on the final product.


Size 16 cm (6-1/2'')
Type 2-Way Component
Material Mica Cone
Surround Hybrid Surround (Rubber & Cloth)
Magnet Ferrite Magnet


Size 2.5 cm (1'')
Material Poly-Ether Imide Balanced


Type In-line


Frequency Response 35 - 22,000Hz
Power Handling Capacity (RMS power) 30W
Power Handling Capacity (Peak power) 300W
Impedance 4 ohms
Sound Pressure Level 92dB/W.m
Weight (w.Grille) 0.39kg (0.86lbs) (Woofer)
Weight (w/o Grille) 0.36kg (0.8lbs) (Woofer)
Magnet Mass 102g (3.6oz)
Mounting Depth 43 mm (1-23/32'')

R899.95 R788.00Save: 12% off
Starsound SSW-12BLU-6500D4 - Spectrum Series 12" Subwoofer




Spectrum Series

12" Subwoofer


• Sandblasted metal basket
• Non-pressed paper cone
• Foam edging
• High energy strontium magnet
• Dual voice coil
• SPL – 86.2dB
• Impedence – dual 4 ohm

R795.00 R749.00Save: 6% off
Starsound SSW-12Y-6500D4 - Spectrum Series 12" Subwoofer




Spectrum Series

12" Subwoofer


• Sandblasted metal basket
• Non-pressed paper cone
• Foam edging
• High energy strontium magnet
• Dual voice coil
• SPL – 86.2dB
• Impedence – dual 4 ohm

R795.00 R749.00Save: 6% off
Focal Performance 690C Auditor Series 6"x9" 3-way speakers



  • 3-way car speakers (pair)
  • 6"x9" polypropylene woofer cone with butyl rubber surround
  • Mylar dome mid-range driver and tweeter
  • mesh/ABS grilles included
  • rigid steel basket
  • 2-80 watts RMS power range (160 watts peak)
  • frequency response: 50-20,000 Hz
  • sensitivity: 92 dB
  • impedance: 4 ohms
  • mounting depth: 3-3/16"
  • grilles included


R2,100.00 R1,399.99Save: 33% off
Kenwood KDC-X700BT Dual USB and CD Receiver


FM Frequency Range 87.5MHz - 108.0MHz(50kHz)
87.9MHz - 107.9MHz(200kHz)
(Frequency step)  
Channel Space Selection 50k/200kHz
Usable Sensitivity 8.2dBf
S/N:26dB (0.71μV/75Ω)
Quieting Sensitivity 17.2dBf
DIN S/N 46dB (2.0μV/75Ω)
Frequency Response 30Hz-15kHz
S/N 64.0dB(MONO)
Stereo Separation 40dB(1kHz)
AM Frequency Range Band 1(MW) / 531kHz - 1611kHz(9kHz)
                    530kHz - 1700kHz(10kHz)
Band 2(SW1) / 2940kHz - 7735kHz(5kHz) 
(Frequency step) Band 3(SW2) / 9500kHz - 10135kHz / 11580kHz - 18135kHz (5kHz) 
Channel Space Selection Band 1 / 9k/10kHz
Band 2/3 / 5kHz
Usable Sensitivity  
S/N:20dB 30dBμ (32μv):SW
CD Laser Diode GaAlAs
Digital Filter(D/A) 8 Times OverSampling
Spindle Speed 500~200rpm (CLV)
Wow & Flutter Below Measurable Limit
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz(±1dB)
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.01%(1kHz)
S/N Ratio (dB) 105dB(1kHz)
Dynamic Range 90dB
Channel Separation 85dB
MP3 Decode Compliant with MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer-3 
WMA Decode Compliant with WINDOWS MEDIA AUDIO
AAC Decode -
WAV Decode -
Preout Level(mV)/Load       -Unbalanced   4000mV/10kΩ(CD)
Preout Impedance(Ω)   ≦600Ω
Speaker Impedance(Ω) 4-8Ω
USB I/F USB USB 1.1 / 2.0 Full speed
File System FAT12 / 16 / 32
Maximum Supply current DC5V(DC logo) 1A
MP3 decode Compliant with MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer-3
WMA decode Compliant with Windows Media Audio
AAC Decode -
WAV Decode Linear-PCM
AUX Frequency Response 20Hz~20KHz ±3dB
Input Input Maximum Voltage 1000mV
Input  Impedance 30KΩ
AMP Maximum Power 50wx4
Full Bandwidth Power 22wx4
(at less than 1%THD)  
TONE Bass  
Band1 100Hz±8dB
Band2 250Hz±8dB
Band3 630Hz±8dB
Band4 2.5kHz±8dB
Band5 6.3kHz±8dB
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth Ver.2.1+EDR Certified
Frequency Range 2.402-2.480GHz
Output Power +4dBm(MAX)、0dBm(AVE)Power Class 2
Maximum Communication range Line of sight approx.10m(32.8ft)
Profile HFP(Hands Free Profile
SPP(Serial Port Profile) 
PBAP(Phonebook Access Profile)
OPP(Object Push Profile)
A2DP(Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)
AVRCP(Audio/Video Remote Control Profile)
GENE Operating voltage 14.4V
(10.5~16v allowable)  
Maximum Current Consumption 10A
Operational Temperature Range 0°C to +40°C
Installation Size  (W) 182mm
                   (H) 53mm
                   (D) 159mm
Net Weight 1.2(kg)

R3,499.99 R2,999.00Save: 14% off



Picture size 6.95 inches(diagonal) wide
W x H 156.6 x 81.6 mm
Display system Transparent TN LCD panel
Drive system TFT active matrix system
Number of pixels 1152000
  800H x 480V x RGB
Effective pixels 99.99%
Pixel arrangement RGB striped arrangement
Back lighting LED
D/A Converter 24Bit
Audio Decoder Linear PCM
Dolby Digital
Video Decoder MPEG1 / MPEG2 / DivX
Wow & Flutter Below Measurable Limit
Frequency response                96k Sampling 20 - 20,000 Hz
         48k Sampling 20 - 20,000 Hz
       44.1k Sampling 20 - 20,000 Hz
Total harmonic distortion 1kHz 0.010%
Signal to Noise ratio 94dB (DVD-Video 96k)
Dynamic range 91dB (DVD-Video 96k)
Sampling frequency 44.1kHz / 48kHz
Quantifying bit number 16 / 20 / 24bit
USB Standard USB2.0 High Speed
File System FAT 16 / 32
Maximum Power Supply Current DC5V=1A
D/A Converter 24Bit
Audio Decoder MP3 / WMA / AAC / WAV / FLAC
Video Decoder MPEG1/MPEG2/H.264/WMV/JPEG/BMP/PNG
HDMI I/F Section   TYPE-A
MHL Section Supported Version MHL 2
Maximum Power Supply Current DC5V=900mA
Technology Bluetooth Ver3.0+EDR
Frequency 2.402 – 2.480 GHz
Output Power +4dBm (MAX), 0dBm (AVE) Power Class 2
Maximum Communication range Line of sight approx.10m(32.8ft)
Audio Codec SBC/AAC/MP3
Profile HFP(Hands Free Profile)
A2DP(Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)
AVRCP(Audio/Video Remote Control Profile)
GAP(Generic Access Profile)
PBAP(Phonebook Access Profile)
SDP(Service Discovery Profile)
SPP(Serial Port Profile)
Graphics equalizer    BAND 7Band
frequency(Hz) 62.5/160/400/1k/2.5k/6.3k/16k
Gain -9/-8/-7/-6/-5/-4/-3/-2/-1/0/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9[dB]
2Way X'Over
SLOPE -6/-12/-18/-24[dB/Oct.]
LOW PASS FILTER frequency 50/60/80/100/120/Through
SLOPE -6/-12/-18/-24[dB/Oct.]
Front / Rear /Subwoofer Delay
0 - 610cm (2.0cm Step)
Gain -8 to 0 dB
Subwoofer Level -50 to +10 dB
FM Frequency range 87.5MHz - 108.0MHz
(Frequency step) (50kHz)
Usable sensitivity 6.2dBf
S/N:26 dB 0.56μV/75Ohms
Quieting sensitivity 15.2dBf
S/N:46 dB 1.58μV/75Ohms
Frequency response
(±3.0 dB)
30Hz - 15kHz
S/N( dB) 68dB(MONO)
Selectivity Over80dB(±400kHz)
Stereo separation 40dB(1kHz)
AM Frequency range 531 - 1611 kHz
(Frequency step) (9kHz)
Usable sensitivity 28.5 μV
Video Color system of external video input NTSC/PAL
External video input level (RCA jacks) 1Vp-p / 75 Ohms
External video input level (mini jack) 1Vp-p / 75Ohms
External audio max input level(RCA jack) 2V / 25kOhms
External audio max input level(mini jack) 2V / 25kOhms
Video Output level (RCA jack) 1Vp-p / 75Ohms
Audio Output level (mini jack) 1.2V / 10 kOhms
Analog RGB input 0.7Vp-p/75Ohms
Audio Maximum Power (Front&Rear) 50Wx4
Typical Power Output (Front&Rear) Full Bandwidth Power (at Less than 1%THD) 22Wx4
Preout level(V) 5V / 10 kOhms   
Preout impedance(Ω) =<  250 Ohms  
Speaker Impedance(Ω) 4 - 8 Ohms
General  Operating voltage 14.4V (10.5V to 16V)
Maximum Current consumption 10A
Installation Dimensions  WxHxD 178mm x 100mm x 159mm
206mm x 104mm x 159mm
(Including the sub panel part)
Operational temperature range -10°C to +60°C
Weight                             Main unit 2.6 Kg



R8,999.95 R7,999.00Save: 11% off


Specials  [more]

JVC CS-JS600 - 6" SPLITS 300W
JVC CS-JS600 - 6" SPLITS 300W
MTX TR12AV - Vented enclosure Ø30cm 200W 4Ω
MTX TR12AV - Vented enclosure Ø30cm 200W 4Ω